3 Replies to “How do I Get Wrinkles out of Wool Pants?”

  1. Couple options:

    1. You can hang a trousers on the bathroom door or towel rack while you shower. Fifteen minutes in the steam will relax the wool nicely. Pull them out and hang them in the closet until they dry completely — the fabric will be more delicate while it’s still warm and wet, so it’ll be easy to crease it again if you aren’t careful. Use a hanger with a bar or clips so that the pants are held out straight, not doubled over, or you’ll get a crease where they double over the wire.

    2. Take them to a tailor or a cleaner and tell them that you just want them pressed — not cleaned. Of course, if it’s due for a clean, that works too.

    3. You can press them yourself, but it’s a pretty delicate matter. I’d usually recommend that a man leave it to the professionals. Wool dress clothes are too expensive to risk messing up with a home iron! Most cheap irons aren’t designed with wool in mind, and it will be hard to keep the heat low enough to avoid damaging the threads permanently.

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