Who makes the best socks?

I have about 6 different styles of solid black dress socks slightly different lengths, elasticity, etc. I have one style that seems to work great never slides down no matter what activity and has held up very well to shirt stay clips over the years. I have no idea what brand they are or if they still make them but I want more like them. Any ideas suggestions or brands that fit this criteria?

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  1. I buy all my socks at Target. I’ve never had any problems with them. They last about as long as any other sock, they are comfortable and inexpensive. They stay up fine, though I don’t use shirt stays so I can’t say how they stand up to them. I’m sure that I am committing some kind of style sin by buying the cheapest dress socks there are but why mess with what works.

    Just to clarify, I am not endorsing Target brand. I’m sure Kmart or Walmart PR whatever equivalent is in your area will work just as well. Target just happens to be near where I live.

  2. I disagree intensely with what Nbailey said. In my experience socks that you buy at Target, Walmart, or Kmart are next to useless. They get misshapen and wear out easily, they are contently falling down, and, if it happens to be a hot day, they will leave black lint stuck to your feet. But I digress. A bunch of people in the men’s style world highly recommend these http://www.blacksocks.com/en-us , but I have no personal experience with them.

  3. I really liked the recommendation I found on EffortlessGent.com on the Sweden made Happy Socks. They are quality dress socks. I was able to even find them local in my semi-small city at JcPenny’s department store.

  4. I remember reading somewhere about which articles of clothing you shouldn’t spend too much money on. Socks was one of them, and all of the underwear layer of clothing was on that list, too. The reasoning was that these articles get replaced regularly, and one of the working purposes of them is to protect the next layer of clothing to help it last longer.

    I wish I could find the article, though. I think George Hahn might have written it.

    I also prefer Merona socks (the Target brand). They are very durable and very reasonably priced. And since I still seem to lose ONE sock every time in the wash, I can’t afford to continuously purchase expensive socks!

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