White or Black Watch Face?

I am looking to upgrade my watch and am a bit torn between a few different white and black watch faces. Some places Ive read to wear opposite what the suit is… dark suit then wear a white watch face and vice versa. Listening to Antonio’s Mans Guide to Style audio set, he says not to draw attention to the watch. In fact he doesn’t go into much more detail than that (well after listening to the first 16 or so mp3s) . On another site most everyone says white is classy and is much more versatile. What is the general consensus here? Do I just pick the watch I like or is there some method to this madness 🙂 Thanks!

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  1. While im at it…. the band color is also of importance. Brown leather band goes with white? Black leather goes with white and black? Silver and gold go with either face color? It seems like a white face with a black band would be the most versatile for a new watch to go along with dressing nicer. Then maybe a brown leather banded watch eventually.

  2. Watches are fun because different elements go with different parts of the rest of your outfit and it can make choosing a watch a bit difficult.

    Lets start with the metal of the watch because that is the first thing you should consider. All the metal in your outfit should go together. What color belt buckle do you wear most? Silver or gold? Brass counts as gold and stainless steel counts as silver. Silver and gold refers to the general color and not the actual metal itself. Whatever you wear most, that’s what metal your watch should be.

    Now we’ll look at the watch band. If you are going with a metal link band than the rules about metal apply. If you want a leather band than you have a couple of things to consider. Like with metal, all your leather should match so we will look again at the belt you wear most and your shoes. Are they brown or black? If you wear both colors of leather often than you should look for a watch with a band that can easily be removed so you can have both color bands and change them according to what you are wearing that day.

    Now for the watch face. Black or white is more of a personal preferrence. White will give you a more classic look and I do see more white watch faces than black. Black looks more modern and trendy and it is my choice for a more formal look.

    My own personal solution is to have two watches. Both are gold. One is a skeleton watch with a white outer ring where the numbers are and a brown leather band. The other one has a black face with no numbers, just a crystal to mark where the 12 goes and it has a black face. That one is more showy than functional since it is difficult to tell what time it is with it.

    I hope that was helpful

  3. I think it really depends on the watch face styling itself. They both look great in my opinion but I think on large face watch 44mm+ black looks better unless the face is busy. I prefer Panerai watches here is a link so you can compare the the different look on a large face watch http://www.jomashop.com/paneraiwatches.html

    On a smaller face watch with a busy dial or neat dial white also looks great very clean and sharp. Here are some examples of Patek Philippe.

    Any watch with a busy dial or open heart movement look really good in white. It draws your eyes to the metal in a softer way compared to the stark contrast of a black dial. Google Vacheron Constantin and Breitling for some very nice examples of a large face watch with a white dial.

    What watch do you have in mind and what was your last watch? If you let us know your budget wrist size and general style I am sure we can all post some great examples of both. Watches that look great online or on other people, sometimes are far less attractive in person.

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