Which should I invest in first?

Hi, I’m a 19 year old Senior college student, and I am currently in the dilemma of choosing which Item to invest first. Since I’m young and unemployed, I can only afford a limited number of clothing. I was wondering which one is the best to invest in first:

1. Quality Watch
2. Blazer/Jacket
3. Suit
4. Shoes

Take note that I do have the following items but they are at inferior lever, or cheap. Thanks for your help!

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  1. By the way, definitely do not go for a watch first…

    Another video to watch is to search on youtube “Improve Your Style Without Being Laughed at By Friends and Coworkers”…thats also a quality video…

    I’d post the links here for both vids but then I have to await moderation to make sure the links are to useful things…and that takes too long so you won’t get the response in time.

  2. Assuming you will want to start going to job interviews soon, a suit is probably the first thing you will want to get, unless your industry is more open to sports jackets. Jackets are generally more versatile than suits, but when it comes to professional environments, the suit is generally still the preferred option. Shoes would be my second recommendation, and they do not even have to be that expensive (here in Holland anyway). A jacket comes in at a third place, though of course you’re welcome to buy one first if a suit is not expected in your intended profession. Either way, I’d put the watch in last place. It’s great to own a good quality watch, but really only for yourself. Other people are unlikely to see it much (so long as you wear proper attire), and if you’re soon to be looking for a job, an HR employee is less likely to care about your watch than the rest of your apparel. Look for the other items in your list first, and start collecting watches once you’ve landed that job you wanted.

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  3. Get the suit, specifically a navy single breasted suit. I say this because the suit jacket can pull double duty as a navy blazer if the shoulders aren’t too rigid. The suit will take you further than a sports jacket. It’s the better investment by far.

    Shoes come second because a poor looking pair of shoes will ruin the suit. If you already have some black dress shoes, even if they are lower quality, then you can polish them up. The price in shoes are more about construction and durability than looks. Sure a higher quality shoe will look better, last longer and be more comfortable then a $50 pair you get at payless shoes,but the payless shoes will be OK for a little while. Quality shoes are very important, but get the suit first.

    Don’t even worry about a watch. It really isn’t all that important that you wear one. Your phone tells time just fine so it isn’t a necessity like it used to be.

  4. Shoes are the window to your style. What your shoes look like makes people’s impression on you. If they’re good style and clean, the make the person look more organized and that he takes care of his appearance. If you wear worn out, bad shoes, it looks like you don’t know how to dress sharply and you don’t take care of yourself.

  5. Hello there, I think you should invest first in buying a blazer/jacket because in your current situation as a 19 y/o senior student you will be able to use this more often when you dress up and then next invest in a suit because after you graduate when you’re working you will use this more often.

  6. Depending on what you already have… are you just looking for ONE item? A set of nice shirts might be your first bet… if you want to look sharp every day, a nice collection of shirts worn over jeans will get you further than dropping a bunch of money on a single jacket or watch.

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