Which of these two Jacket suits me better.

Hey guys, Today I got a new jacket off ebay, it was dirt cheap as the guy was pretty happy just to give it away. It fits me in the shoulders and chest fine however it has very different lapel proportions to my other jackets. I have included two photos, the first one showing my current favorite jacket and the second showing my new jacket.


The second jacket has much wider lapels and the notches are set much lower. It also has a lot more padding in the shoulders.

As you may be able to see in the photos I am about 6 foot 3 with fairly wide shoulders but I am very slim.
Of the two jackets, which would you guys say fits or suits me better? I have read Antonio’s premium ebook, but couldn’t find any material on specific notch proportion for the taller man.

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  1. The second looks better (in my opinion)more fitted, the first one (which is…245_o.jpg) looks big on you.

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