Where should i buy my suits

For my occupation i am required to wear three piece/ vested suits. Two piece would only be worn on a casual friday kind of thing which we never have. My question is where should i buy my suits because im sick of having them all custom made. Its expensive and im 18 and i keep growing out of them. I prefer to wear my suits in pinstripe or window pane pattern. Any suggestions from the $450 to $700 range for apparel stores i can shop at?

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  1. I would look at moderntailor.com you can input your current sizes. They make tailored suits in that price range. The labor is all done overseas in asia so the cost is very low.

    P.S. Where do you work? Consider if you only require one or two suits or a whole wardrobe?

  2. A person with your budget wouldn’t be having trouble finding a good suit, I’ve found some brand new for as low as $80.00 (Original price $600-900). But you still have to have them tailored. Also, I understood your budget to be in US dollars. Stores like Dillard’s, Calvin Klein Outlet, even Banana republic or Express have good deals (I mean under $300)….good luck!!!

  3. You can buy your suits from Nautica, Banana Republic, Ralph by Ralph Lauren and Alfali for the price range. Calvin Klein, J.Crew Suit, Brooks Brothers and HMX are also brands where you can buy with that price range.
    My suggestion is for you to do more research and whenever you go to these stores, try it on and see to it that it’s not too loose for your body frame.

    Good luck!

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