Where exactly is my "waist" point?

As I try to upgrade my wardrobe, Ive realized I have absolutely ZERO style and knowledge regarding this. Ive recently lost 30# and want to tone up now. I still have a bit of a beer belly thats probably going to take time to tone. That said, my jeans are always just below my gut. My wife said my jeans look like I have a bag of ________ errrr… a bag or rocks in my pants. The backside looks too baggy. Ive since switched from relaxed fit to straight fit which made a big difference, but wife still says the same thing. Im wondering if Im just wearing my jeans too low? Meaning Im buying the wrong waist size? Im 32×30. They fit great and look great IMO minus her comments 🙂

So #1 – should I be measuring my waist size someplace else? and #2 – what about for more formal trousers? Where do I measure?

Thanks for any suggestions. Im learning and making changes. Already feels great.

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  1. Jeans should rest on your hips so you are probably wearing them where they should be. Sounds to me like your brand of jeans aren’t the right brand for you. It can take some time to find the right brand and cut to complement your build. There is a handy scanning device at the mall where I live that scans your entire body and then tells you what brands and which stores they are in to work best for your body. Its a free service here. There might be something similar where you live

  2. To answer about more formal trousers, they will sit at your natural waist. This is going to be above where you wear your jeans. I wear my suit trousers about an inch above where I wear my jeans. I found out where my natural waist is from a tailor. It doesn’t cost much to be measured and it you will have all your measurements from collar to cuff. It saves a lot of hassle in the end.

    As for how to find the exact point of your natural waist without the help of a tailor … someone with more knowledge than me will have to answer that.

  3. Thanks for the help Nicholas! Maybe I need to try a different brand of jeans. Mine sit just below the waist, which is what I notice the description says (banana republic). Also looking at Levis, the “straight fit” and most fits all say “just below the waist”. So I do believe im wearing jeans correctly then. WIll hunt for a different brand now.

    As for trousers, I will head to a tailer soon.

  4. Find your “iliac crest”, put two fingers on the top of it and that is your natural waist line. It varies on everyone because everyone has a different body shape. That is the only real way to find it, some people suggest a region in proximity to your belly button hole but that doesn’t tell you anything about where your hips are. If you have a huge gut or a long/short torso your belly button could be in a number of positions that are no where near your natural hip line. Find you iliac crest and even if you lose or gain weight you will always have trousers, pants, jeans that are the perfect length.

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