2 Replies to “When is a Lapel Pin Appropriate?”

  1. Something that’s just artistic/decorative — no specific logo — is appropriate in most settings. You might leave it off your suit at a very serious occasion or a big business presentation, but for day to day work it would be equally appropriate on a suit or a casual sports jacket.

    The ones you want to be more careful with are pins that display a specific association — a fraternity, a college; a branch of the military. Those are things that some people will like and other people will actively dislike, so you want to be more careful what settings you’re displaying them in. Any situation where you’re meeting people for the first time and impressions matter — job interviews, business deals, etc. — you want to keep things neutral.

    A final word of caution, lapel pins do damage the weave that they’re put through. Jackets with a looser, rougher weave like tweed will show the damage less than a superfine worsted wool. It’s also a good idea to pick one pin for one jacket and leave it in except when having the jacket cleaned, so that you’re not puncturing it over and over again in the same spot, widening the hole over time.

  2. I think there should be some helpful information in this video on lapel pins from our Real Men Real Style YouTube channel as well:

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