When is a cut-down suit appropriate?

My best suit at the moment is one of my dad’s old suits that we had cut down to fit me. (We’re the same height, so it wasn’t that hard.) The suit is in pretty good shape, but it’s easy to tell that it was cut down. Can I wear it to a formal event like a job interview, or do I need to go suit shopping?

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  1. Depends on what is making it “easy to tell that it was cut down.” If you’re just talking about a not-quite-perfect fit in one or two places that’s not ideal, but if you’re tight on money and the only suit you could be getting to replace it would be an off-the-rack not tailored to your body anyway, there’s no real reason to upgrade.

    If you’re talking about visible stitching or puckered seams where cloth has been taken in, that’s something you probably want to replace.

    I’ve survived job interviews in my father’s suits thus far — they’re not perfect, but when you’re short on cash you do what you gotta do. It may also be worth going in to a good tailor’s shop and seeing if he/she can make more specific adjustments than the ones that have already been made. Sometimes a few small changes can make a lot of difference in fit.

    Bottom line, it just depends on how obvious the imperfections are. A little tightness in the shoulders or sag in the butt at an interview isn’t the end of the world. Frayed ends or bunched seams are more of a problem.

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