4 Replies to “When Do I Wear a Pocket Square?”

  1. Any time you wear a jacket!

    No, really — any time you’re wearing a traditional men’s jacket, whether it’s a blazer, sports jacket, or suit jacket, slip a pocket square in that breast pocket.

    More colorful squares in looser, unpressed folds look best in casual outfits, while more formal outfits are good places for a crisply-pressed white square in either a peak (one or more triangular corner sticking up) or straight (one horizontal edge sticking up) fold.

    A stylish outfit that includes a jacket just isn’t really complete if it doesn’t also include a pocket square. And you can get them for very low prices from menswear stores and even from online crafters on sites like Etsy.com, so there’s no real reason not to build a good collection!

  2. A video on why you always want a pocket square for you, from our Real Men Real Style YouTube channel:

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