When do botton a suit or un botton a suit?

Hi Antonio,
I just wanted to know when is it correct to wear your suit unbuttoned. Also if are wearing a three button suit, should you always button all three of them? Do you leave the top button undo or the bottom one undo? I know that a suit should always be buttoned if you’re standing in a group, walking or greeting folks. I also know that you normally unbutton your suit when sitting down.

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  1. You’re on the right track.

    Double-breasted: Always buttoned when standing, and always unbuttoned when sitting.

    As for buttoning a double-breasted, you always button all buttons.

    Single-breasted: You can get away with unbuttoning when standing, but you should still get in the habit of buttoning when standing.

    For buttoning a single-breasted, you never button the bottom button. For a three button suit, you can either button the top two buttons, or just the middle. However, in Asia, I hear it’s common practice to button all of your buttons; but in the west, never button the bottom button.

  2. In the west:

    Single Breasted should be unbuttoned while sitting but can be buttoned while standing. If you choose you can leave it unbuttoned whiles standing to be more casual, your choice.

    If it’s a two button suit you should button the top button, a three button suit you button either the middle button or the top and middle button. If it’s a 3/2 design you really can’t button the top button without rolling the lapels oddly so don’t do that.

    With a two button suit it’s buttoned at all times. You can choose which buttons to button however assuming it’s a 6/4 design. So:

    Top button only, is the norm.
    Both buttons is more conservative, Prince Charles often does this.
    Bottom button only is a style started by the Duke of Kent and my personal favourite.

    Hope this helps.


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