2 Replies to “When Can You Wear a Black Velvet Jacket?”

  1. Two options here, really:

    1) As a casual piece in relaxed, social outfits. A soft-shouldered velvet jacket can be thrown on over dark fitted jeans with a pair of casual leather shoes for a “lounge” sort of look (and yes, it will seem a little retro).

    2) A black velvet jacket occasionally replaces the traditional wool-and-satin tuxedo jacket in black tie wear. It’s not nearly as formal, and should be saved for somewhat over-the-top celebrations like a New Year’s Eve party or the Academy Awards. For formal-dress weddings, honorary banquets, etc. it would be inappropriate. Fair warning to younger men, it’s also a style that can seem flippant and disrespectful unless you have some gray hairs to go along with it. You might want to leave it to the older gentlemen.

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