What's the smallest suit size?

Hi, I am an average size man and have no problem finding my suit size. But I have a few petite-size friends who, even the 34 size jacket looks big on them. Is size 34 the smallest jacket size? If so, is custom tailoring their only option? (Besides trying to convince them to pump some iron, of course). Before hand, thank You!

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  1. I have feel sorry for your friends! As a 36R myself, I appreciate the rarity of finding a well fitting suit for the smaller gentlemen. I can only imagine the difficulty faced by persons even smaller than myself. As far as I know, 34 is the smallest size. Although not a glamorous option, larger children’s sizes could be reserved as an alternative to bespoke or extensive tailoring.

  2. I agree with Goodminton above — 36R is often the smallest at most big chain retailers. You might find some off-the-rack 34s some places if you’re lucky. For smaller than that you either need to go custom or, as suggested, try the largest sizes in upscale children’s brands.

    Alternatively, check online for companies based out of East Asian countries like Japan or China, where smaller sizes are more normal. The measuring system may not, of course, be the same, so be prepared to measure yourself in centimeters.

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