Hello! I am an 18 year old male and I follow Antonios videos on youtube. I absolutely love his channel; it has helped me so much! I feel as though you have answered this question many times, for that you have my apologies. My question being, what do I wear if I’m just hanging out with some buddies downtown? Would a blazer be too formal? I do indeed own a dark navy blue blazer. At 18 years old I feel as though people would look at me funny..after all let’s face it, ripped jeans and a t-shirt is what I see at my age. So can you please suggest an outfit that I should wear when I’m out in the streets probably grabbing a coffee with some friends. If you say a blazer I will wear a blazer, I just need to know. I
m picturing dark denim jeans, brown loafers, and a sweater or polo would work? Too formal? Too casual? A response would be greatly appreciated.

Much Obliged,