What to wear when I'm just…out?

Hello! I am an 18 year old male and I follow Antonios videos on youtube. I absolutely love his channel; it has helped me so much! I feel as though you have answered this question many times, for that you have my apologies. My question being, what do I wear if I’m just hanging out with some buddies downtown? Would a blazer be too formal? I do indeed own a dark navy blue blazer. At 18 years old I feel as though people would look at me funny..after all let’s face it, ripped jeans and a t-shirt is what I see at my age. So can you please suggest an outfit that I should wear when I’m out in the streets probably grabbing a coffee with some friends. If you say a blazer I will wear a blazer, I just need to know. I
m picturing dark denim jeans, brown loafers, and a sweater or polo would work? Too formal? Too casual? A response would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Here’s the catch — it’s not “too formal,” but it will look dressy to people that never wear a jacket. That’s not a bad thing, and it’s often beneficial to seem more “dressy” than the people around you, but if you’re trying to blend in than no, a blazer is not a good idea.

    But if you just want to look relaxed but well-dressed, a blazer and jeans is a good way to do it. A colored pocket square helps dress the navy blazer down some as well. It’s on the formal end of unmatched jackets — if you can find some, consider adding more casual sports jackets to your wardrobe; tweeds, corduroys, and even just colored cotton are all nice relaxed options.

  2. As said before you really cant go wrong with a blazer and jeans for casual occasions. If you wear a more casual colored shirt with a pattern it really dresses it down compared to wearing a solid formal long sleeve. For your age the trick is to look sharp more than classic. You want to look more James Bond than Oliver Twist. Antonio gives a fantastic solid core foundation on style based on classics. The real idea is also to incorporate some of your own style and personality into the scheme. Stick with the core foundation and work within the lines. Keep in mind there was a time when pleats where in style and you couldn’t buy a suit without getting pleated pants.

  3. May I suggest going for your own personal style. Forget about the status quo and what people your age are wearing. Know what clothes fit your body type and you have to be comfortable wearing it. Go for the sharp, casual look like dark jeans and white or blue cotton dress shirts. The most important thing here is having self confidence when you wear it.

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