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  1. Dress like you would for a formal business meeting (that’s usually what it is when you’re meeting with a legislator anyway, unless you’re on friendly terms with one). These guys (and ladies) wear business suits every day, and so do most of the lobbyists they meet with. You’re not going to seem overdressed in anything short of a tuxedo.

    The details might depend a little on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re pushing hard for a specific vote or decision you might go all-out with the “power suit” look — dark, solid suit, bright red tie, mirror-shined shoes, etc. — but be aware that any experienced politician has already seen that a million times.

    If it’s more of a “softball” setting — a friendly interview, an informal chat about an interest you share, etc. — then set yourself apart from the power-dealing crowd by wearing a softer-silhouetted suit in a lighter color, maybe with a bit of pattern to it. A dark brown or medium gray makes a nice change from the navy blue they’re seeing day in and day out.

    Alternatively, if you’re in the American South and it’s a hot day, you can dredge up a grand old tradition of American politics and wear a seersucker suit. But that takes a certain degree of self-assurance and will get you some startled looks…

  2. We covered what to wear when you meet a politician in one of our videos at the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel:

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