2 Replies to “What to Wear to a Military Wedding?”

  1. Excellent question. If you’re a retired serviceman with an appropriate uniform, check the regulations on what you can wear and when. A uniform is your best option so long as it’s within regulations. Even if it’s from a different branch of service, you can pretty safely count on servicemen and women to respect your displaying it alongside theirs.

    If you aren’t a serviceman or don’t have a uniform that would be appropriate to wear (people probably wouldn’t appreciate combat fatigues, for example), wear a dark, conservative suit and a necktie. Navy blue or charcoal gray are the best choices; black is also appropriate (though a little somber for a wedding).

    You’ll also want to be a little more obsessive about your presentation details than usual. Have the suit freshly-pressed, make sure the creases in your shirt and trousers are crisp and sharp, and polish the heck out of your dress shoes. It’s a safe bet that everyone in uniform will have taken that kind of care with their outfits, and you’ll want to measure up.

  2. I made a video for a gentleman attending a military wedding and put it up on our Real Men Real Style YouTube channel a while ago:

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