What to wear in a nightclub?

Usually guys wear t-shirts with jeans in nightclubs. What should you wear if you want to look stylish, confident yet casual? In loud environments visuals matter more and with unique style you can stand out from the rest of the guys.

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  1. Well, you’ve got a dark environment that’s being crossed by constantly-changing lights, so all anyone’s going to get are glimpses and flashes. That means you want a simple outfit with bold colors and a close fit that won’t look shapeless at a glance.

    Bright-colored trousers (corduroys or jeans both hold up well to dance floors) and dark, contrasting T-shirts work well, as do bold single-color jackets (you want them in a light fabric, though, since you’ll be dancing). For that same heat reason I usually wouldn’t wear a hat either, but some people just don’t like clubbing without theirs. Up to you, ultimately.

    Your nicest leather shoes probably look sweet and would work okay on the dance floor, but try not to bring them anywhere that lets drinks on the floor. You’ll just end up covered in spilled beer. For more casual footwear try for a nice pair of skate shoes, preferably in a single solid color.

    A lot of the specifics will depend on the type of club you go to and what city you’re in. But in general, keep it bold, simple, and above all well-fitted. Saggy clothes don’t look good in any light.

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