What to wear at work?

Hi all,
I am a men of 28 years old and live in the netherlands.
Since few months i started taking pride in my apperance.

I work for a contractor with a very informal attitude.
Most coworkers wear tshirts with washed jeans.
The project leaders wear tshirts and terrible fitting casual shirts on appointments.
The highest bosses only casual dress shirts with jeans. With rarely a suit.

I would like to dress sharp even at work but im afraid to overdress.
Even in dark jeans, well fitting shirt and nice shoes ill dress way sharper then 98% of thecompany.

What should i do?

With high reguards,


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  1. There’s nothing wrong with being a little nicer-dressed than everyone else in your company, as long as you’re not pushing it.

    I would go ahead and stick to jeans, but dark and well-fitted. A monochrome T-shirt with a casual blazer over it looks cool but not too dressy, or you can go with polo and casual collared shirts. Add a decorative belt, some casual leather shoes with a little visual interest (brogues, etc.), and other accent pieces for a look that’s definitely casual but still stylish.

    And at the end of the day, don’t be afraid to be the best-dressed guy in the room. It rarely hurts, as long as you’re not obviously out-of-place.

  2. I think it works best if you dress sharply even if you’re going to look more presentable than 98% of the men in your work environment. It makes you stand out and it gives off a vibe that you know how to dress sharp and that you value your appearance when you work. It makes you look more serious and more professional.

    I suggest dark jeans and a polo shirt with casual dress shoes would be the ideal outfit for your work environment. Not too casual and not too business formal.

    Hope this information helps! Good luck!

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