What to Buy for a Young Lawyer on a Tight Budget?

I’m fresh out of law school and need suits for my daily work, but I’m reluctant to lay out thousands of dollars on top of my student loans. I need to look good in the courtroom but can’t afford a closet full of suits. What can I do to build a working wardrobe?

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  1. Keep an eye out for sales at places like Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. A. Banks. Then have the suits adjusted to your build, either in-house or at a tailor you like.

    They won’t be the sharpest suits in the world, but they’ll be presentable enough to get you through court until the student loans are paid off and you’re pulling down a decent salary. Just be sure to buy ones in 100% wool — you can save a few hundred bucks by buying discount suits that are largely synthetic, but the cheap quality is visible even at a distance. In a world where you’ve got lawyers wearing $1000+ custom suits, you want to at least look like you’re trying.

  2. I did a pretty detailed response for a young lawyer looking for affordable options over at the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel:

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