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  1. I would generally say that notch lapels would be more normal for a casual jacket. A peak lapel isn’t technically wrong, but it does have a little more of a dressy feel to it.

    A dark navy blazer might take peak lapels, particularly if you’re looking for a way to differentiate it from other men’s navy blazers. And if it’s a double-breasted blazer (fairly unusual but certainly classic and appropriate) it should always take a peak lapel, like any double-breasted jacket.

    Alternatively, if you’re having the jacket made custom for you, there is a style called a “sport lapel” that you’ll almost never see on off-the-rack clothes. It’s got a slightly longer tab on one lapel (usually the left) with a buttonhole, so that you could fold the lapels together and button them under your neck if you wanted to. Of course, you need a button on the opposite side for it to be useful, but it is an interesting and practical option for casual jackets.

  2. A notch lapel is usually worn for a casual outfit. To make a peak lapel more casual, find one with a less dressy fabric such as linen, hopsack or chambray or selecting a subtler peak if the fabric is wool or silk.

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