What should tall and muscular men be wearing?

I have read that tall men should avoid wearing horizontal stripes because the stripes make them look taller, but I have also read that muscular men should avoid wearing horizontal stripes because the stripes make them look wider. I have seen articles about what short men and men on the heavy side should wear, but what should men who are both muscular and tall be wearing? Is there any pattern to avoid?

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  1. Dark solids are always a good choice for big men — but those articles Antonio links to will go into a lot more detail. Feel free to let us know if you have specific questions!

  2. Depends how tall and how muscular. Generally tall is good for clothes and there isn’t anything in particular you should avoid as long as the clothes fit you. If you are very muscular (body-builder muscular), then you might have trouble finding clothes that fit your proportions, to which the best advice I can give is to go custom.

  3. Tailored menswear is likely to be your only recourse for comfortable and good-looking clothing. Most importantly, you want to avoid anything that constricts you or clings too tightly, giving you the appearance of someone stuffed into an ill-fitting suit. You are almost always well-served by patterns that incorporate horizontal lines — these lines will give the viewer’s eyes something to follow that isn’t the imposing up-and-down of your body, detracting from the looming impression. As for shoes, understated (and with a thin sole), and add a horizontal element with a capped toe or flat “bar” style lacings across the front.

    Hope this helps!

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