5 Replies to “What Should I Wear to High School Prom?”

  1. If you want to look very sharp and grown-up, go for classic black tie rather than colored novelty rentals. A black tuxedo jacket, matching trousers, well-shined black leather dress shoes, dress shirt, black bow tie, and black vest or cummerbund always looks impeccable. Add a crisp white pocket square and a single colored boutonniere flower (red is always a solid choice) and you’ll probably be out-dressing most of the adults.

    If a tuxedo is too formal you can wear a dark suit instead, also with a white shirt and pocket square. Add a tie in the same color family as your date’s dress for a nice matching touch.

    In general steer clear of anything with lots of shiny, brightly-colored cloth. Guys will do it for prom, and they’ll look kinda silly as a result. Stay dark and classic and you’ll be the best-dressed guy there.

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