What is short?

I am 5’7″, but I have never really thought of myself as “short”. But I recently read that any height under 5’8″ is considered “short.” My question is this: does my height limit my clothing choice? do I need to avoid horizontal patters? Opinions on this would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. You are neither short nor tall. You are in a category which fits clothes very well. I’m 6′ 3″ and struggle with buying suits etc as the arms and length are always too short. You are in a moderate category so will definitely not be restricted when it comes to clothing choice. It is only the tall and short the have to consider different things when shopping. You are neither so will be fine. I’m sure you have never had a problem with your height and clothes in the past?

  2. I’m even taller than Andy, and I wouldn’t consider that short. Though, you all are short to me!

    I do agree with Andy, though. Probably any pattern would really work for you and not make you look shorter. You might still want to err for “looking” taller when getting dressed, though, as it’s height that tends to be subliminally linked with success. Still, I wouldn’t say you’re in the “short” category at all.

  3. Well I am 5’4″ I am short… I do not think of 5’7″ is short.. but hey thats just me.. lol
    I think what does make a difference with men under 5’9″ is body type. Are you thin, small framed, are you bulky, or athletic.. These things IMHO will dictate what you can get away with for clothing style.
    SInce I am 5’4″ I am also muscular, and because of that I stay away from horizontal strips, and squares patterns on my shirts. It tends to make me look shorter, and bulkier… I go for vertical lines, but not really thick vertical lines, I also try to get slacks that fit well, I never more than a full break at the cuff, because the excess materiel at the cuff of the slacks make me look like a boy wearing his fathers cloths… not a good look if you ask me…. The Rise of the pants matters as well, but I will be honest, I don’t have an endless supply of money for cloths to be tailored, and so I have to settle for more the classic fit in the rise, so I try to be careful of pleats… I will wear them so long as they don’t ballon out too much at the waist, because that will draw attention to you in a non flattering way, and tends to cut you off at the waist.
    I read that Monochromic colors will help if you are shorter.. But… I like color as well.. so fit is really everything, and it seems to work.. I get compliments on my dress…

  4. If one is within the height to weight ratio, 5’7 is not short but not that tall either. 🙂 I do suggest that you only keep away from horizontal stripes if you are quite heavy on the mid-section. Otherwise, prints of this sort is acceptable for your body type, and thus, will not create an optical illusion that you are shorter than 5’7.

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