2 Replies to “What is “Pick Stitching” and Why Should I Look for It on Suits?”

  1. It’s short for “hand-picked stitching,” and it’s one of those weird little details that a lot of good jackets do have, but that don’t necessarily make the jacket good just by being there.

    The most common places you’ll see visible pick stitching, where the threads are visible as the loop around the edge of the cloth, are on the lapels and the buttonholes. It’s a finishing technique that’s done by hand, meaning that most cheap, mass-produced jackets don’t have it. For that reason it’s come to be associated with quality.

    The problem is that lots of very high-quality jackets use a different technique or deliberately hide the pick stitching for a cleaner look. It doesn’t make them lower-quality! And because the association with quality has become well-known, you’ll also get mass-produced jackets that put a purely decorative, non-functioning machine stitch along the lapels or buttonholes to pass for pick stitching.

    So is it a good thing? Sort of. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a quality jacket, and its absence doesn’t mean you’re getting a bad one. You’re better off simply treating it as a stylistic choice — do you like the visual effect close-up, or would you prefer a smoother and more invisible finishing stitch? Use that to make your choice rather than the idea that pick stitching means higher quality.

  2. A great question! We did a video in reply to someone with the same question over at the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel:

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