How Much Variety is Okay in Good Style?

I what your opinion on this Antonio. I love clothes and I always think thoroughly through what I wear. I am a 24 year old man from Norway (Europe).

I have a wardrobe that contains lots of different styles. Everything from blazers to hoodies. I know that the way I dress leaves an impression of who I am. Should I be consistent in the way I dress everyday, or do you think it is OK to be more inconsistent and surprising. How will I leave the best impression?

(I guess you will respond by asking me how I want to be seen by others, and of course I want people to think I’m neither boring, nor having a good style)

Thanks for a great service, and I apologize for the bad english.

I look forward to you reply.

3 Replies to “How Much Variety is Okay in Good Style?”

  1. In your personal life, I would say be as varied as you like. At work it’s a little touchier; you don’t want people to think you’re not taking the job seriously. I’d stick to more classic, less experimental styles in the workplace.

  2. I agree with Geoffrey, it’s different at the work environment so make sure to dress consistently at work to always look professional and proper. You can always go for what you want to wear, but I think that to be able to dress sharp means more practice and experimenting with the clothes you wear. Just be presentable at all times and avoid looking like a slob.

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