3 Replies to “What Does a Man Need in His Wallet?”

  1. – Decent amount of cash. A few small bills for tips and a couple $20s so you can pay for a meal or two without having to swipe a card. Saves the merchants fees and you time.

    – Two credit/debit cards. Try to limit yourself to just two. If you’re using more than that you’re cluttering your wallet up and making your finances too complicated all at once.

    – Photo ID. A driver’s license is good, and there’s room for a second if you need it for school/job access of some kind.

    – Any other cards you use on a very regular basis. Leave ones associated with a specific errand in a file, drawer, or basket at home to save room — unless you’re regularly dropping into the public library on a whim, for example, you can leave the library card at home and only grab it when you’re making a specific trip. Same goes for various “frequent buyer” and rewards cards.

    – Pictures of the kids/girlfriend/loved ones if you really must. These days it’s just as easy to keep them on your cell phone, and try not to be the guy that shows them to everyone.

    – A condom if you think you’re likely to need one in the next 24 hours or so. Be a gentleman and have one on hand, but don’t store them in there for more than a day or so. The heat from your body will break the rubber down and make it less effective, which is the last thing anybody wants.

    If I think of anything else I’ll update the list, but that should get you through most situations…

  2. We’ve covered this topic a few times for Real Men Real Style — here’s a video I made for it:

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