What color shoe that goes with a brown suit?

I would like to know what color shoes goes with a brown suit? What brand do you suggest besides Allen edmunds ,Alden,and Cheaney. I see colors like burgundy,tan,walnut,melrot etc. Do you suggest brands such as johnson and murphy,Cole Haan,Ecco,Clark’s from england,Rockport? With the situation with my feet i love good high quality durable leather shoes. Thanks!!

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  1. Honestly, you mostly answered your own question. I’d recommend brown, burgundy, tan, or gray shoes, and brands like Allen Edmonds or Johnson & Murphy. Rockports are a little more affordable but don’t last that long; mine have always died after a year or two.

  2. Brown shoes or Red/Burgundy shoes. Do not pair with black shoes. It’s generally better to have the shoe leather darker than the suit (helps keep the eye from being drawn downward), but either way can work so long as you have a clear contrast.
    For more information about matching dress shoes with suit colors, you can click on the link below:

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