What are summer colors for jackets?

I have been having a very hard time finding a decent cotton or linen jacket that is minimally lined and has the style that works for me. I finally found one on eBay–a seersucker jacket, that happens to be light blue. I’m olive skinned, dark hair, blue eyes. Is this a color that will work for me? I tend to look towards darker colors, and imagine that color would go better for a blonde guy.

I guess, the question is, what colors should I be looking at for summer jackets? I only have two sports jackets right now; both are tweed, with one being a dark grey and the other being a light grey.

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  1. Tweed is definitely too heavy for the summer, at least anywhere temperate or warmer. Linen or seersucker are the lightest and most breathable options, and they tend to come in lighter colors just because they are summer materials, and in the summer you want light, reflective clothing.

    If the traditional light blue (that’s a very typical color for seersucker, especially striped with white) isn’t working for your complexion, shop around for a light gray or plain white seersucker instead. Linen comes in almost any color, including dark ones like navy blue, though light pastels or cream/white is most common.

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