2 Replies to “Wearing your pants at your natural waist without a jacket?”

  1. It’s where you want to wear pretty much any pair of pants that isn’t jeans. Your natural waist isn’t actually that much higher than the hips — usually only an inch or two on most people — and starting the pants at the narrowest point lets them fall smoothly over the front of your lower body.

    Wearing them too high looks just as bad as too low, so make sure you stop as soon as you hit that narrowest point between the hips and the bottom of the ribs. Belt it (or adjust your suspender length) to keep the trousers right there.

  2. Trousers should always be worn above the hipbones and at or below the naval. Though most men today do not wear dress pants at their natural waist, many tailors will take the measurement to find the waist length. The natural waist can be considered as the horizontal line crossing through the naval; it is typically the smallest circumference measurement of the torso. The waist band may sit below the natural waist, but try not to diminish the formality or line of an entire suit by wearing them too low. Always keep in mind that dress shirts are tucked into the pant. This will automatically add about a quarter to half an inch to the waist length.

    Hope this information helps!

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