3 Replies to “Can You Wear a T-Shirt with a Blazer?”

  1. Simple answer: yes! For casual or social purposes, anyway. Even if your work environment allows casual styles like a T-shirt/blazer combination you’re better off looking a little more professional (i.e., collared shirt) when you’re on the job.

    Slightly longer answer: A casual blazer, slacks, and a T-shirt is pretty common these days, especially among younger men. It gives you the good shape of a jacket (tapered at the waist and broad at the shoulders) without seeming “stuffy” like a suit and dress shirt. What it doesn’t do is frame your face the way a collar and tie would, and it doesn’t carry the same unspoken authority. So good for hanging out and looking cool; bad for being taken seriously and looking like the man in charge wherever you happen to be.

    If you’re trying to seem more relaxed and laid-back go for it. If you’re buying a blazer because you want to look a little more professional, you might as well keep going and add a dress shirt instead of a T-shirt. You can always take off the necktie (or leave it at home in the first place) if you want to dress the look down a little — and you’ll have the tie when you want to dress it up, which is a big advantage over the T-shirt.

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