Wearing a ring on both hands?

I am getting married next month and recently picked up the wedding band I will be wearing.

For the past 3 years I have been wearing a fraternal ring on my right hand. It’s a stainless steel ring which I always wear, and feel it works for both formal and casual situations. I wear it more for the meaning, than the style.

Now that I will be wearing my wedding band on my left hand forever, would it be over-the-top to continue wearing my fraternal ring on my right hand? Both mean a lot to me, but obviously my wedding ring carries greater importance to me, if I had to choose.

Should I retire my fraternal ring?

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  1. You generally don’t want to mix metal colors if you can help it. The wedding band gets something of a pass because of what it is, but mixing it with other, differently-colored rings won’t look great.

    It’s one of those calls you’ve got to make for yourself. It’s not the best style out there, but if sentiment outweighs that it’s not a huge faux pas either. I’d definitely avoid wearing both rings in formal situations or places where you need to make a really strong impression (job interviews, work presentations, etc.),

    As for the rest of your personal, casual style — it’s up to you. You’ll probably look better with one ring or the other rather than both. Sometimes it’s worth looking a little less perfectly put-together for personal reasons and sometimes it’s not. Your call.

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