Wearing A Pinstripe suite as a guest to a wedding

Great fan of your channel! Most of my clothing choices are based on the advice in your channel.

I own three suits that fit me very well – Charcoal, Navy and Black. All of them are Tone-on-Tone vertical pinstriped.

But every time I wear my suits to a wedding, the running joke is that I’m there for a business meeting. Is this just an old bias or is there substance to this?

Most fashion forward suit designers today are all about bringing the subtle pinstripe back (tone-on-tone or the dot / tick patterns).

In fact I’m finding it very difficult to find a modern cut suit in a solid light grey (the next color I plan on buying) or even a solid black.

Can you help set the record straight?



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  1. Thank for the kind words sir!

    Stripes are traditionally a variation of the solid suits – and usually the only men who needed so many suits were businessmen. An example in sports are the New York Yankees – they wear pinstripes to show they “mean business” on the baseball field.

  2. I’m confused by the response…

    So is a pinstripe suit with tone-on-tone pinstripes an acceptable attire for a wedding as a guest? Is there a precedent /example for this being done?

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