7 Replies to “wear undershirt or tank?”

  1. Undershirt.

    The point of the undershirt is to protect your more expensive clothes from sweat and deodorant stains. Undershirts are inexpensive and replaceable. Tanks (wife beaters) don’t do any real protecting. Get v-neck shirts if you plan to leave the top button unbuttoned; the shirts shouldn’t show.

  2. That’s easy to say when you don’t live in an area that has 100 degree plus heat nearly year around. The best advice when its it’s too hot to wear another scorching layer of clothing is choose the right shirt. Not having them starched and simply pressed will also allow your shirt to breath easier. If you are going to a club or its too hot outside for a v-neck skip the tank all togethere.

  3. That works too, but I do live in Florida, and thank myself daily for the layer of protection of my more expensive shirts. Granted, right now, it’s in the 60s, but I can’t imagine going out in July without something protecting the underarms on my dress shirts.

    If you get a layer that’s thin and breathable enough, it shouldn’t noticeably warm you up. However, no undershirt is just as acceptable if you can handle it. I know my shirts would be ruined after a year if I didn’t.

  4. The other thing that needs to be considered is what might be showing through your dress shirt when you aren’t wearing an undershirt. Nipples and chest hair will show through light color dress shirts. For this reason I would say wear a tank rather than skipping the undershirt. If you are wearing a shirt that doesn’t show through then the option is yours.

  5. I say undershirts have their ranges on temperature. Super hot outside… It’s a necessity to block the sweat. Super cold… Why not wear one for the extra layering. Somewhere in the middle… Freedom going sans undershirt is great.

  6. Just go for undershirts, they provide more protection and you have to consider the weather if it’s hot or cold. Tank top is more of wearing it alone and wear it when you’re just staying in your home.

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