Ways to Use Military Shirts

Hi, I live in Phoenix an there’s a need for lighter clothing (as you can imagine); however,there are situations in which I have to be wearing a tie or a bow tie (in a between-formal-and-casual way). Is it acceptable to wear ties with military shirts? I know these are casual shirts, and we are allowed to wear colorful ties (bow tie, skinny tie or regular). Thank You!

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  1. It’s good to see another Phoenician who cares about style. Define military shirt, because when I imagine “military shirt” I think of a canvas button-up.

  2. Military shirts are long-sleeve, collar shirts that have fancy pockets, nice buttons, shoulder tabs, and some even come with inner sleeve buttons to secure the rolled up sleeve. They come in different colors and fabrics. They’re almost like dress shirts, but adorned. Thanks!

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