Waistcoats/Vest for 3 Piece Suit


I’ve been watching all of your videos on youtube and i’m very grateful for all of the helpful advice you’ve put out there so far.

My question relates to the bottom button being left undone on waistcoats. If the waistcoat is angle cut below the buttons do i still need to leave a bottom button undone? Also how many buttons should be showing when the suit jacket is done up?

On a side note while i’m here: is a red sports jacket with black contrasting elbow patches, lapel and patch pockets going to look too iffy for a 6 foot 2 dark haired man?


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  1. I can’t answer the first part of your question (it’s a bit too technical for me), but maybe Antonio or one of the other posters here can answer that for you.

    The second question I can answer, however. Your own size and build will generally not affect what colours you wear, though your red and black piece will likely draw attention to you, so make sure that’s what you want. You hair colour does affect how suitable the colours on the jacket are, but more important than that are you overall contrast (skin vs. hair, etc.), skin tone, and the other pieces you plan on wearing it with. Other factors like the brightness of the red and the size and type of the lapels also have an impact, so it is really hard to say without more information or a picture.

  2. I’m able to wear full black 3 piece suits and look dapper without any loss of colour or any issues at all. Although i am a white male i have tanned skin in the summer and a nice flesh colour in the winter…I have brown eyes which is why i’m leaning towards dark red and black contrast because although light blue does stand out on me its not as effective as a maroon-red-brown sort of colour. The shirt i’d wear would probably be sky blue or maybe pink or some sort of pastel colour.

  3. I’m also interested in how many buttons should be buttoned on a waistcoat. I hope we get a definite answer soon.

    Regarding the sport coat, I don’t think your complexion or hair would influence it much, as it’s such a flashy color and design. That in itself would draw attention to itself. The deciding factor on whether or not it’s too iffy is the occasion for which you wear it. For a smart casual job interview, I think not. It’s a fun color/design for a night out with close friends though, for example.

  4. Yea that’s cool Renzhe. I always use my charcoal suit for interviews. I’d wear the red one for a presentation i have coming up…its what i also use my black 3 piece for. Grabs attention every time!

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