2 Replies to “How Do I Add Variety to My Blazers and Sports Jackets?”

  1. Color is an easy and obvious answer if everyone is mostly wearing navy — opt for a medium gray or a dark brown instead, or go for a blue patterned with something like Glen check or herringbone weave instead of solid worsted wool.

    Jackets are kind of pricey, so try not to go too crazy with stylistic experiments trying to stand out. A couple of good sports jackets or blazers in dark colors are easy to spruce up with accents — investing in a drawer full of brightly-colored pocket squares and some good neckties is way cheaper than buying a bunch of single-purpose jackets. You can even add some decorative belt buckles if the culture is relaxed enough.

    If you’ve got the figure for it, a double-breasted navy blazer is also a good variant on the more typical single-breasted style most men wear. It’s a bit more formal and not quite as comfortable to wear, especially seated, but it certainly stands out in a crowd. You can also liven navy up by replacing the matching blue or traditional brass-colored buttons with silver, mother-of-pearl, or light-colored horn, all of which add contrast at the cuffs and chest.

  2. We gave a gentleman who works in finance in London advice on his jackets-and-trousers wardrobe over at the RealMenRealStyle YouTube channel:

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