4 Replies to “What’s the View on Buying Used Shoes?”

  1. I think you answered your own question: no problem as long as they were well-maintained. I’m a size 14 myself, so there’s a pretty limited selection even buying new, but if you can find a good selection of used shoes from top brands I’d say go for it. With Allen Edmonds I don’t know if you’d then be able to take advantage of their recrafting service, but worth a try!

  2. To that I’d add: get a little spray disinfectant like they use at bowling alleys just to be sure, and let them air for a couple days after spraying them. Doing it regularly would probably be hard on the inside of the leather, but once for safety is probably worth it…

  3. If they are well maintained the only other concern is the insole. The original owner would have already molded his foot into the the insole cork filling and subtly stretched the toe box and waist area of the shoe. If the guy had a wide foot like me and yours is a true “Normal” then that could be a problem too.

    The insole is not a really big deal because Allen Edmond can resole them for you, they will take out the cork (Which would have the original owners foot imprint) and put in a new one. Anyways if you can overlook these things its a great bang for buck buying quality shoes pre owned. Just ask the guy selling about the details I mentioned above and you will be ok!


  4. I personally think that you don’t puchase a second hand pair of shoes especially if you don’t know the seller because you don’t know how he maintained it. It’s actually personal hygiene issue for me especially if he wore the shoes without the socks. If it’s a personal preference and you think you can save money then I’d say go for it, but for me, I think buying shoes is important. You should invest on a pair of new shoes.

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