3 Replies to “When Do I Need to Tuck My Shirt In?”

  1. If you’re at work, the shirt should be tucked in. Likewise, if you’re wearing a business suit and you’re not posing for a photo spread in Esquire, tuck the shirt in.

    Outside of that it depends on the image you want to present and the styles you wear. You’ll look more mainstream and respectable with a shirt tucked in under a decent jacket, paired with some slacks and good leather shoes. If you want to look more fashion-forward, there are shirts designed to be worn untucked, with or without a jacket.

    Try to avoid ever wearing an untucked dress shirt with blue jeans. It’s the look of a kid who’s still in school and hasn’t figured out how the real world works yet.

  2. Hmm. I say always tuck a dress shirt in. It says you know how to wear a dress shirt. I doubt those guys who pose in magazines with shirts tucked out wear dress shirts everyday and they look it.

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