How Should Dress Trousers Fit?


I cannot find a clear definition of how dress pants should fit. First, when I’m standing. Second, when I’m sitting. Also, how can good fit happen when I’m on a budget (college student). Thanks

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  1. hi,Hector I was also bogged by the same question the only solution i have got to this was to first understand one’s body type and specially lower half of our body mainly look at your legs,there shape and size because legs vary from person to person if you have toned legs then go for straight fit pants or else regular will do.This will help you to discover your own style and will save you lot of money.

  2. that article doesn’t answer how exactly a good pair of pants will fit. It mentions the areas that need to fit without defining what a good fit will look like, and what a poor fit will look like. that’s what I’m trying to find.

  3. Some tips, Hector:

    – Dress trousers should be worn up on the natural waist, not down at the hips like blue jeans. Make sure you’re fitting the waist for the narrowest point between the bottom of your ribs at the top of your hips.

    – The width of the trouser leg at the bottom should be roughly three-quarters the length of your shoe. This helps get a good break on the top of the shoe.

    – Fit in the crotch should be as high as possible without being uncomfortable. The more sag between your legs the more out-of-shape you look — even if you’re toned underneath.

    – Width across the hip needs to be wide enough that there’s no strain on the pleats (if any) or pockets. If there’s tugging and wrinkling of the fabric when you’re standing at rest, the pants are too tight in the hips.

    – The cuffs of your trousers should rest lightly on the tops of your shoes when you stand still.

    Hope those help!

  4. Thanks Geoffrey. I’ve heard that when you sit, there should be no wrinkling/bunching along the thigh, something that seems impossible unless you have a great budget. Is this true? does it even matter?

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