Slim Ties. Are they appropriate, when or where?


I’ve seen them in stores occasionally, and I thought they looked sort of casual yet cool, so I had to ask someone that I knew could give me a good answer.

-Slim Ties. Are they appropriate, and if so, when or where?

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  1. There’s a wide variety (no pun intended) of tie widths available, from the extra wide to skinny ties. I am not a fan of slim or skinny ties myself, but fashion-forward or stylish men can certainly pull them off. Pick up a GQ magazine and you’re bound to find someone rocking a slim tie. As you say, they’re a little less formal, so you can wear them well with a sports jacket or modern fit suit. A rule of thumb I read about earlier was that you should try to match the width of your tie (measured at it’s widest point) to the width of your lapel, to create balance in your outfit. Don’t strictly adhere to that rule myself, but it’s certainly something to keep in mind when experimenting with slim ties.

    Also, as a final note, if you’re a larger man, or have broad shoulders, leave those slim/skinny ties in the store, they’re likely going to look disproportional.

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