Tie Length

After watching the proper tie length video I understand that the tie should hang within the belt buckle, my question is what to do with the excess, the backside of the tie, the tail so to speak, because I am shorter and thinner I tend to have a lot of excess, I have seen people cut the “tail” to make it shorter, but I would prefer not to do that.


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  1. I’m not sure what the difference in torso length is between the average guy and a shorter one, I assume it isn’t much. I’m average and had this problem in the past, but I found out that there are different tie knots. I ended up sticking with the double Windsor knot, which takes more to make the knot, ending up with less in the back. I believe this knot works better with guys with bigger heads, but I have an average head and it works fine with me. Go on youtube and you will find instructions on any knot. Good luck!

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