3 Replies to “What Should I Wear for a Date at the Theater?”

  1. The theater is an interesting mix these days. You get some old-guard high-culture sorts (especially at operas) who will break out the full tuxedo, you get some modern-art types in ripped jeans and paint-spattered T-shirts, and you get the vast majority of people wearing something in between.

    To make a good impression on the date and be appropriate for the setting I’d recommend wool trousers or very dark indigo jeans, a light dress shirt, and a casual sports jacket. Skip the tie (you’ll be out after 5:00), definitely don’t go for a matching suit, and keep the belt and the shoes leather but casual.

    You’re there to enjoy yourself, so a relaxed style is good. At the same time, you want to make it clear to the people around you (and especially to your date) that you understand dressing well and can rise to meet standards appropriately. Thus, jackets and decent pants with casual accents. Don’t forget a colorful pocket square or boutonniere to spruce it up!

  2. What I can suggest is to find out the dress code before you go to the theater so that you know what to wear and you have time to look good for your date. Instead of showing up and knowing that what you’re wearing is not part of the dress code, it can also make your date appreciate you more because you took the time to prepare for it.

    FOr more tips on what to wear when going out on a date, this information might help:


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