the do's and don't want wear in the pants pocket?

Hello there, I would like to know your opinion on what to wear,what not to wear in my trousers and pants,such as keys,cell phones ,ink pens etc?what is your suggestion? Thanks!

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  1. Less is better. You really only want to be carrying those things that you absolutely need because the bulge created by even small items disrupt the lines of the suit and also stretch the fabric which makes it easier to damage. The same goes for suit jacket pockets as well.

  2. This particular video explains some details: Stop Overstuffing Your Trouser & Jacket Pockets – How To Carry Less

  3. I agree with El Jefe. You just need to carry the essentials in your trousers like wallet, car keys and mints. You might want to carry a men’s bag for your belongings so you don’t end up losing most of it. It also makes you look bulky and for me, sloppy when you put too much things inside your pockets.

    Hope this helps!

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