Leather jacket and trousers

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I just got a new black leather jacket, moto racer style, and I was wondering if you can wear a black leather jacket with navy, brown or pastel green trousers?

Thank you

What to match with black trousers?


I got this pair of black trousers, pleated, as a gift… They’re great, actually, but I don’t know what can I match them with? Can I use them with dress shirts only? Could I throw on a light colored sport jacket (i don’t have one yet)?

Where to buy/look

Hi I am a student, just starting the college life. I really want to start building an interchangeable wardrobe, I have watched all of Antonio’s videos and read some articles (they are very helpful by the way, keep up the good work). But I still feel like it is to hard to start because i don’t know what type of colors or brands to start with. I would really like some suggestions or guidance towards how to tell the difference in how good of quality the clothing is. Also brands, any particular names I should search for. Just really anyone that can help me out would be great. Sorry, I don’t know if I’m over-exaggerating.

Thank you for anything!

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the big suit issue.

i am having some trouble finding the right pair of pants. you see my thighs are quite big which means i need quite large pants to fit me well. and for my legs not to look to big ill go with a pair of slim jens or pants but one or two sizes to big, whitch looks quite nice on me. the problem is my suit, the pants are straight and with my big thighs the pants are ( from what i think) way too big. and for the past 6 month i have lost some pounds whitch means they are too big around the waist (and i mean WAY too big). the suit was rather expensive (700$) and was somthing i had saved up for. i dont know if i should buy a new suit, get it tailored(and than get it tailored again after a while) or or just stick it out.

ps going to wear it on new years eve and some formal events in the weeks after.


Suspenders or Belt?

Should I wear a belt or suspenders? Are there situations or occasions that call for one over the other? I like both, but I’ve never really followed any rules other than making sure I don’t wear them together.

A look less formal

It’s not often that I dress down, but when I do my style remains quite… preppy, I suppose.

What does a man wear with a rugby shirt if he hates jeans? Slacks are a mismatch, I don’t like shorts, and khaki pants just don’t seem to look right – are there any other options that I’m missing?

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