Define smart casual for teens

I have an induction week for my sixth form in England, this requires a smart casual outfit for the week and in the autumn when we properly start a suit or two. The thing is I’m only 16 so I do not have an extensive wardrobe of smart clothing as they tend to be expensive and I am still growing. What would you suggest that I do for the induction week.


Style: For Guys in High School?

Hi Mr. Sentena,

I’m a student in high school. I like your videos a lot, but do they apply to high school guys as well? I know that you suggest college students to wear dress shirts, but if I wear a dress shirt in high school, I think I’ll look peculiar.

Also, I know what you mean about “military secrets” in regard to shirt-stays. I’m a Civil Air Patrol cadet, so I already knew about them, and whenever I dress up for jazz band concerts I feel much more confident.


1920's-1930's Suit Ideas?


Hello, I am an 18 year old male that stands around 6 feet tall, and is about 165 lbs.

I am looking to get a suit that resembles those of the 1920’s-1930’s, as I am in love with these years. I want it to resemble those that the “Gangsters” used to wear.

I currently have a brown fedora, and will be getting a grey one, as well as a black one, but don’t know what style suit & colors would go best with the fedora, and my build for daily wear (I plan on wearing the suits daily, not just for formal events. Maybe I can start to bring back a trend of suits everywhere like the good days… one can dream, aye?)

I would prefer the idea of an Overcoat to be tossed around, as I plan on getting one to match whichever suits are mentiond.

Thank you much!