Where Should I Start


I am a 17 year old young man and my name is Reggie Johnson. I would like to improve my wardrobe however I am starting from scratch.

I’m asking if you will do a quick video on how to start a new wardrobe.

Answer questions like:
What are the essential clothing items for a basic wardrobe that will go well with many outfits.

What are the basic outfits that i as a 17 year old young man should wear for everyday activities like school, hanging out with friend. And places i would want to dress up a little more like church and a Date with a special young lady.

Also would you real quickly cover the subject of colognes and when to wear them.

I am also a small company owner and need to know what to wear when meeting with my bank and clients. I am worried that i might over dress or under dress. A lot depends on my appearance with the work that i am in.

Thank you for your help sire.

-Reggie Johnson