How to dress the tall bodytype

A questionn from C:

I am very tall (6′ 7″) and struggle to find a fit that makes me look proportional (forgetting struggling to find clothes that actually fit, even after that, it’s tough to find the right combination of style features or not – cuffs, pleats, slim fit, narrow / wide lapel, peaked vs. notch, two vs. three button, etc., etc., etc.)

Style for the Tall and Skinny

Question from Michael:

I am tall and skinny. I need to change my perspective on clothing, because so far i took clothes for its function and not for its appearence. Do you know how to change it?


Michael Balík”

What to wear in clubs

Hi, my name is Boris and im 24 years old, 6″6′, 170 pounds, pale warm skin. Daily i usually wear pants/shorts below knee,(white, black or gray) t-shirt and basketball shoes (i used to play). Now my new gf want to go in classy clubs and I am out of my element so need to buy completely new wardrobe from head to toes…. I’m from Europe so I need stuff that i can buy in Europe and plz post some links or photos of items u think i would look good in.


Improve height with style?

Right now I am 5’8″ I still have time to grow. Ever since I started to dress in a more elegant manner, I have been trying to find more ways to look your best. I want to ask, does height make a huge difference in style? Are there ways to dress in a way that makes you look taller?

Tall/Lanky man

How should a Tall Lanky man dress? I go shopping for clothes all the time, but because of my unusual body shape, it is very difficult to find clothing that actually fits correctly. Either the shirt itself is too large or the sleeves are too short! Is there any way I can cheat this without buying custom made clothes??

Low Contrast + Height

I am tall (6’4) man with a medium frame (195lb) with low contrast. Fair skin, blondish hair, hazel eyes.

The low contrast suggests monochromatic colors and look, but I don’t want a taller appearance (looking to be more wide and broad).

Do I contrast the trousers greatly? With monochromatic up top? What about for a suit?