Custom-made Clothing for Slim Man

Question from R:

Nobody makes clothes that fit slim fit guys correctly and tailoring is a real hassle because of the time and expense and quality of work done. I wear a 16.5 x 33 shirts. I have a 30-31 inch waist. Most slim shirts are not really slim. Guys don\’t want to spend a lot of time fiddling with clothes but we know they are important in business, etc. We want stuff that fits and makes us look sharp and that\’s it.


Question form G.M.

My biggest challenge is I am a little intimidated. The reason being is because I am not knowledgeable about suits and style. Also where can I find a really good tailor? By the way I live in Brooklyn NY.

Suit bunching at the chest

Dear Antonio,

Thank you for your great style advice. I’m hoping you can help me ASAP as I’m in Asia getting a custom suit. I just had my 1st fitting and the suit is creasing and bunching right at where my upper chest meets my shoulder. The jacket does not feel tight or small, so I’m not sure why this is happening but the tailor has not fixed it yet.

The question is why is this happening and what should I be telling the tailor to do to fix this if they don’t already know.

Thanks again
Jean Francois

Jacket Shoulders

Hi! I recently bought an off-the-rack suit and had it tailored, the shoulders don’t fit perfectly, it doesn’t look big on me either, but I like my jackets to fit very close to my body. I didn’t even ask the tailor to fix the shoulders, because I heard that an attempt to correct them would affect the structure of the jacket. So, I work out and I’m trying to get a little bigger, I wonder if that jacket will fit me better if I get bigger shoulders. Thank you!

How Do I Find a Good Tailor?

I’ve taken a lot of your advice to heart and I really want to get some of my jackets and suits adjusted by a good tailor, someone who’s not just whatever cheap labor Men’s Wearhouse could get or whatever. How do I figure out which tailor in town to go to?

How Should I Tip My Tailor?

Hi, I’m about to get a tailored suit – well prepared with the knowledge gained through your excellent videos! You mentioned a tailor should be tipped (own shop, classy/wealthy one) . Is 10% appropriate, e.g. 800$ spend, 80$ tip ?