Verifying the content of "made to measure" suit fabric

I live in S. Korea and am finding it hard to verify the accurate content of the fabrics that the made to measure taylor shops offer. Some of the swatch books (Samsung Milano)say Wool and Cashmere blend but do not say what percent of each. The same book states that these fabrics are super 180 but the cost doesn’t seem to match up with that level of quality of fabric. I believe this is Korean or China milled fabric. The storekeep only seems to be guessing when he tells me it is 50/50. I really don’t like picking fabric from a book but many of the bolts of fabric in these shops have no trim that depicts the percentages of the contents. How can I know what I am choosing? Burn tests are so similar for Wool and Cashmere. Is there any other way? How can these shops sell this so called premimum fabric at $200 a suit? It just doesn’t seem right! Do you have any guidance?