Suspenders and dress shirt/ cardigan (maybe bowtie too) outfit

I got suspenders like 8 hours ago at some thrift shop (Unique in Paterson). The colors of it are that of the american flag, serious. It looks exactly like this ( I have a blue, red, and black SOLID dress shirt. For non-solids, I have a black with like blue stripes and then a white with green stripes. Pant types I have are navy blue jeans and then gray and khaki colored khakis. The color of my bow and necktie are both black. The color of my shoes are blue(kinda like skating shoes), red (basketball hightops), and Sperry Top Sider moccasin boat shoes (brownish color).

Thank you in advance 🙂

Suspenders or Belt?

Should I wear a belt or suspenders? Are there situations or occasions that call for one over the other? I like both, but I’ve never really followed any rules other than making sure I don’t wear them together.